SoulFire Stories

Less small talk, more stories.

“I don’t know you, but I can almost guarantee that you don’t ask your grandparents enough questions about their lives.”

Two Decks.
One Game.

How it Works

  1. Place both decks face down.

  2. Everyone takes one card from each deck, and shares out loud what they got. For example: “I got “embarrassed” “in school” (If needed, quietly swap your card for a different one from the deck and take a drink, or share your first online screen name.)

  3. Think of an anecdote from your life that relates to those cards (like, a time you felt “embarrassed” + “in school”).

  4. Once everyone has a story in mind, begin.

  5. Each shares their story in no particular order, as inspiration strikes. When you’re done, you can play again or vote on the best story.

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Sample feelings

“We can use Google to learn anything we want about world history, but our own personal history—which we really should know quite well—can only be accessed by asking questions.”

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I’m Jenny, and I started SoulFire Series to help people lead meaningful, connected lives.

How SoulFire Stories came to be: From flashcards to playing cards

I started these stories on the back of flashcards, hoping to know the people around me. Then, I decided to add some design and give it a shot at making this beautiful. I’d love your help, feedback, and ideas!

About the game

Conversational card game to have more meaningful and insightful conversations with loved ones in offline settings – perfect for groups of all ages.

  • The compact size makes it easy to take on vacations

  • Recommended age is 10+ and will get them talking

  • SoulFire Stories is for those that want to reconnect with loved ones in an offline setting

  • Perfect addition for get-together’s with friends and family

  • Winning isn’t the goal with SoulFire Stories, as it is more important that you will have meaningful offline conversations with your loved ones and experience even more togetherness.