Calling all seekers and dreamers.

Calling those who start to wonder… is there more to life than this? What is the meaning behind all my actions and gestures? What makes everything worthwhile?
At SoulFire, we invite beautiful voyagers to share the beauty they’ve found on their journey. From different thoughts, spiritualities, religions, and philosophies, we come together around a pursuit for a life filled with beauty and meaning.

Test everything, retain what is good.

At SoulFire, we craft and curate events that feel like home– philosophical weekly dinners, monthly interactive concerts, occasional workshops, retreats, and more.

If this resonates, welcome home.

We are SoulFire

A community. A lifestyle. A movement.

SoulFire, which launched its concert program in 2017, became the leading spiritual concert series in Argentina.

After a long search for spiritual answers, the founders joined forces to share with the world the beauty they had found, by creating an innovative & transformative concert experience.

Geared toward anyone with a spiritual search, they began organizing concerts with talks that could move the hearts and help the lives of millions. SoulFire’s success is due to its unique and compelling content, partnership with successful musicians, and combination of interactive experience with talks, and music.

The concert series now runs every two months in Argentina, with different speakers and musicians, and has gathered a following of over 15,000 attendees. The current team in Argentina consists of 5 directors, 20 team members, and 80 volunteers.


San Francisco

New York

Buenos Aires




SoulFire is a global organization helping people lead more fulfilled lives. You can find us online, in stores and in welcoming spaces around the globe.

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